Saturday, April 24, 2010

Make David Stern's Day

David Stern recently warned coaches and players to stop criticizing officials. And he said that "if someone wants to me in the rest of this playoffs, you know, make my day." Stern said that these individuals' "corrosive" comments will make the consumer confidence drop. Stern already looked like a fool with the Tim Donaghy issue...and now this?

Fix the source of the problem commish!!! Coaches and players wont complain this much if your referees do a good job officiating. And consumer confidence won't drop because of comments against the official. Consumer confidence will drop because your referees make WRONG calls. I don't understand why referees don't get fined when they are the ones who are making the DUMB calls. The coaches and players are simply telling the truth.

I really hope NBA fans could flood Stern's email and let him know how stupid of a warning he sent out.

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