Saturday, November 22, 2008

Open Letter to Mr Dwayne Wade

Dear D-Wade,

There's been all this talk about LeBron bolting the Cavs in 2010 and going to New York. They're saying it's better for his career to go to a big market team, where his talents will be showcased to a larger and more valuable audience. It's a business move - and no one can blame him if he leaves his hometown for the bright lights of New York. There might be only one thing that keeps this from happening, they say. And that's if the Knicks can't put together a competitive product to challenge for a title. That's how the careers of most legends are judged, after all - how many rings were won before the end.

Well, he isn't the only one with a career crossroad to consider that summer. You have one, too. And yours might end up more important in the long run. How's this for a proposition: Dwyane Wade to the Chicago Bulls in 2010.

King James might be the most marketable NBA player this side of his Airness, but you're no slouch yourself. Going to a bigger market team may be as beneficial to you as it is to him. Chicago isn't just about the size, too. It's one of the most relevant franchises in NBA history. And it also happens to be your hometown. It won't be like LBJ and his search for greener pastures. Hey, we just want you to come home.

What's going to be waiting for you? Two words - Derrick Rose.

He's a hometown kid, like you. And he's a superstar, just like you. He's the first Bulls rookie to score in double digits in his first 10 games since number 23 himself. He's averaging a gaudy 18.8 points, 4.3 rebounds and 5.5 assists in close to 50% shooting through his first 13 games.

(And if you don't count the game that doesn't count, those numbers get bumped up to 19.9, 4.6 and 5.8)

Know what people have been saying about him? Warriors coach Don Nelson said they were big Rose fans and that "he'll be up among the best of them in a really short time." Pacers coach Jim O'Brien said Rose will "blossom sooner than people think he is. He's going to be a great player, maybe as soon as the end of this year." Cavs coach Mike Brown called him "a gem." Suns guard Raja Bell called him "a highlight reel waiting to happen" and Warriors forward Stephen Jackson said he'd "have one of [Rose's] jerseys up in my house." ESPN's David Thorpe, who does the Rookie Rankings, said scouts are starting to call Rose "unguardable."

But a backcourt of you and Rose? D-Wade, THAT would be unguardable. We're talking championships here. You know what it's like to play for all the marbles with another superstar beside you. In 2006, the Big Diesel was still his HOF self. The year after that - not so much. So from experience, you know the difference between playing with good players and playing with great ones. Hey, you need any help you can always ask those three guys in Boston.

10 games into his NBA career, and this kid has already been drawing MJ comparisons. You know that counts for something. We haven't done that since Kobe and Vince. This guy is the next big thing. And for those who will tell you Mike Beasley can develop into a similar player. One, I doubt it. And two, even if he does - consider this. Look at the rosters of the Bulls and Heat. Eventually, they're going to build the team around you and Rose (or Beasley, for the sake of argument). With the Bulls, you're going to be trading guys like Luol Deng, Kirk Hinrich, Tyrus Thomas and Joakim Noah. These guys (with Ben Gordon) were almost traded for KG (if only Pax were a Celtic during the Bird and McHale days) or for Kobe. The Heat are going to try to move guys like Udonis Haslem, Daequan Cook, Chris Quinn and Mario Chalmers. (Gordon and Shawn Marion don't count since they're both probably gone by season's end.)

Realistically, the current Bulls roster can be traded for a decent supporting cast in return. We can probably get shooters like Kapono and Posey to spread the floor for you to operate. Maybe get a legit 7-footer who can rebound, defend and not screw up too often when you and Rose find him for wide open looks under the basket after you draw double- or triple-temas.

So here's all I'm trying to say: looking for a big market team? Chicago in 2010. Wanting to go back home? Chicago in 2010. Thinking of moving to a team that can offer you a shot at a championship or two? Chicago in 2010.

(It feels a little dirty, openly lobbying for a player currently entrenched in a two-year contract. But heck, if the Knicks can do it for LeBron, why can't we?)

How sweet would it be to win the Larry O'Brien trophy behind two homegrown talents? Man, you and Derrick will be immortal. We might have to build you a statue. And more than that. We might finally forgive the franchise for all the past hurts. For the untimely Jordan-Pippen-Phil Jackson breakup. For the fact that we had Elton Brand and Ron Artest together at one point and nothing to show for it. For trading for Larry Hughes.

So I think I speak for ALL Bulls fans when I ask you and the Bulls management: please bring Dwyane Wade to Chicago in 2010.


A Wade/Bulls Fan


KingJamesNY said...

There's no point. LeBron and Bosh are signing with the Knicks in 2010 and ruling the East for the next 10 years. It's gonna be LA-NY, just the way the NBA (read: David Stern) wants it.

NeekoBoi said...

Let's see what happens. See ya in 2010!